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No hay Mal que por Bien no Venga (2015) is my last and more personal album. We could translate it as “Every cloud has its silver lining”. It is a chant to optimism, to explore the amazing opportunities which appear after getting through tough times.   Let yourself dream.

It is a home recording album and it was mixed and mastered by Mix and Master (

The Train is Moving so Fast (2011) was my first solo album. An amazing road trip trough the Southwest of the US in the winter inspired me to write these songs and gave me the confidence to record them. And, above all, it gave me the courage to sing (if you can call it this way!)

Another home recording album mixed and mastered by Mix and Master (

Mahoney (2008) is Mahoney´s alternative rock band from Barcelona masterpiece. I feel really proud and happy of being the bass player of this band. I love these songs but, above all, I love that family. 

Who knows? Maybe one day we could play those tunes again…