Let me Tell you Something

August 1, 2016, San Diego, CA                                   The trailer of Kids Used to Sing is released online.
September 3, 2016, Guadalajara, Mx                         Kids Used to Sing, in the Official Section of FIC Autor, Guadalajara, Mexico.
September 24, 2016, Barcelona, Cat-Spa                Kids Used to Sing article at El Periódico, Barcelona, Spain.
October 12, 2016, Madrid, Spa                                    Kids Used to Sing, in the Official Section of Festival de Cine El Ojo Cojo, Madrid, Spain. 
October 25, 2016, Madrid, Spa                                   Kids Used to Sing article at El Confidencial, Madrid, Spain. 
October 31, 2016, Brownsville, TX                             Kids Used to Sing, Best Feature Lenght Film Award Winner at the
                                                                                              Brownsville International Film Festival, Brownsville, Texas.
January 13, 2017, Jeffersonton, VA                            Kids Used to Sing, Best Feature Documentary in Music nomination at the
                                                                                             World Music and Independent Film Festival (July 2017) in Jeffersonton, Virginia.
March 15, 2017, Cincinnati, OH                                    Kids Used to Sing will be screened at the RiverReel International Film Festival, in                                                                                                             Cincinnati, Ohio.